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you wish you had telekinesis...

...but pyrokinesis is SO much hotter!

Kinetics Unite!
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Welcome to Kinetics Unite!, a fan community dedicated to the two X-Men characters Julian Keller (Hellion) and St. John Allerdyce (Pyro)!

Here you can post random and totally unfettered squeeage about the kinetic boys to your heart’s delight. Anything goes. Pics, fangirlish rants, fic, icons, any beautiful spammage of blue-eyed telekinetic hotties and/or flame-loving pyromaniac sex gods. There are just a few rules...

• Play nice. We have a Logan and we know how to use him.

• Worship the kinetics. (Or whichever of your preference.)

DO NOT hotlink any media items (i.e. icons, banners, music) posted in this community.

• Put any large images (this includes picspams) underneath an lj-cut.

• Do not type LiKe tHiS and avoid using netspeak.

• It needs to be repeated: we’re here for mindless fun. Don’t make us crack a whip. Only if it’s on the boys, and you’re into that sort of thing.

Jess (hazy_crazy)
Crystal (petitebelette)

Aliases: currently; Hellion, Scion
Born: Beverley Hills, California
Recently: New X-Men
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Appeal: We’d be as rash to say Julian Keller exceeds hotness. If he were an equation, it’s obvious what the answer would be:

Julian Keller > hotness.

We’d like to note we wish maths were that easy, and we’d hope to think Julian Keller is, too. Thankfully, being a strapping young teenager, it’s safe to say he is. And there’s that whole part where Julian Keller flirts with everything that walks (she doesn’t have to talk, we’d wager) when he’s not insulting everyone else, of course.

He doesn’t have an ounce of tact, is completely full-of-himself (arguably, since we agree with his sex-godly claims), is never ashamed of any crude and/or cruel things that leaves those kissable lips of his, and is often shirtless. Oh shirtless. Sorry, needed a moment. All in all, Julian Keller would be a first-class dick if it weren’t for the fact he’s gorgeous and lovable behind all those manly prideful layers. Girls (and guys-we know you're out there), let's just all face up to it- who wouldn't want a sarcastic cyan-eyed trouble-making deliciously telekinetic homo superior calling you "beautiful" and promptly TKing your blouse off? (Jean Grey obviously didn't appreciate the latter, and we are still baffled as to why not.) Because we'd surely be a willing puddle of goo at the occurence.

HONESTLY girls, the appeal is such that we wonder if his mutant power is really just being irresistible (it definitely is, by the way). And then we are led to wonder if he shares this affinity with Mr. Allerdyce, because they are surely constantly competing for fangirling attention. It's obvious what the solution is: naked wrestling.

Still not into him? You’ve got problems. But it’s okay. YOUR LOSS. More for us.

Written by petitebelette, who would prefer to have telekinesis so she can undress Julian with her eyes.

Aliases: currently; Pyro
Born: Sydney, Australia
Recently: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Appeal: John Allerdyce is your typical bad boy, which us girls can vouch for, is very appealing. He has a way of making hearts flutter and cheeks to flush - simultaneously. Without missing a beat John, or as he prefers to be called (possibly in the bedroom) Pyro, oozes charisma and has this witty sense of humour nobody can match up to. Maybe except for Julian, but that's another story.

John, to put it plain and simply, is hot. And that pun WAS intended, and is always intended. It does help that he has the psionic ability to manipulate and control flame... He can light my fire anytime. *ahem* But anyway, our favourite pyromaniac did indeed join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. And blew some shit up. And had a one-on-one battle with the Iceman. And lost. But even after all of that, we still love him. Including that dyed blonde hair.

John may not know how to hold a relationship together and he may not know how to be the 'good guy', but that's exactly why we love him. And besides, he can cook up a storm in the kitchen. Just don't tell anybody he made that chocolate cake, or he'll burn you with his sharp wit and fiery attitude before you have time to blow out the candles.

HONESTLY girls, what is more appealing than somebody who can manipulate fire, has a certain disregard for the rules and wears a smooth, brown leather jacket? Okay, Julian IS a contender but John will be the one winking at you if you decide to steal his Zippo lighter (which may or may not be a bad thing!). And c'mon, just one heated gaze from this guy will make ANY girl melt. And those hazel eyes... so intense!

Still not sure whether you like him or not? Pfft. Go find someone else to consolidate the flame within you. We've already found our solution.

Written by hazy_crazy, who would prefer to have pyrokinesis so she and John can really heat up the bedroom.
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